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The Square and Folk Dance Heritage Center of Washington
7424 N. Freya Spokane, WA 99217 (Map) | 509-489-4832

Heritage Center Trustees | Heritage Center Donation Forms

The Heritage Center of the Square and Folk Dance Federation of Washington is the official storehouse, research center and showcase of historical record, musical materials, artifacts and other memorabilia gathered by the State Federation since its beginning in 1948. It is dedicated to the documentation and preservation of the history of the Square Dance and six related cultural dance forms; square, round, clogging, contra, line and heritage dances in Washington state.

The Heritage Center was begun in September 1979 with a portion of the profits from the 1979 State Festival presented by its host Mt. Baker Council. Other funding sources have been memorial donations, cash contributions form individuals, festivals and federation funds. Individuals and groups have made material donations of records, books and many other memorabilia.

Finding a location for Heritage Center required the services of many dedicated people. For three years, the Federation Past President’s organization looked for centrally located space in museums, colleges, square dance halls, square dance ranch, and even a trailer to house and display historical items. The Shuffler’s Shanty was ultimately chosen because it was dancer owned and managed. Even then the existence of the center took the dedicated efforts of many organizations and persons who have devoted considerable time, labor, expertise and financial considerations to its being.

The Heritage Center is governed by a board of trustees, four at large dancers and four Past State Federation presidents, along with representatives from each of the 12 Federation Councils and past and Present State Federation historians. It is a place for you, the dancer to appreciate, reminisce and recall the delights of our National Pastime.

What can one expect to find in our Heritage Center?

• History of the Washington State Federation, its Councils and member clubs (current and disbanded). Some histories are still being researched and updated.

• A musical collection of 33’s. 45’s, and 78’s, long play and stereo, discs, tapes and albums that provide a source of musical history of Round and Square Dancing.

• State Federation printed records – complete sets by year kept of financial, federation minutes, officer files and correspondence.

• State Federation magazines "Footnotes" since 1950, State Federation Directory – listing all Federated Dance Clubs since 1948.

• State Seminar materials – including transcripts, booklets, pins, fact sheets of proceedings since inception in 1969.

• Other publications including State Festival programs and final reports, since 1949.
State Federation Scrapbooks – began in 1948 – include photos, articles, flyers, clippings and other memorabilia.

• Displays:
~ Parker, MacGregor, Presidents awards.
~ Honor roles and commemorative plaques honoring state and local leaders, deceased members and contributors to the center.
~ Badges of past and present clubs, council and national insignia.
~ Banners, flags and pennants (old and new) of National Conventions, State Federation, and Far Western, council and club festivals.
~ Costumes – early dance attire, festival dress and National apparel.
~ Equipment – old P.A. sets, players, and related items.
~ Promotional material – trophies, pins, miscellaneous medals, prizes.

Contributing editors: Ruth and Bob Kramer, Central Puget Sound Council .... May 18, 1998

Heritage Center Trustees

Mount Baker Council
Vice Chairman
Karen & Dave Reichardt (2019) Dancer at Large
Spokane Area Council
Bev & Gordon Mustard (2018) Dancer at Large
Spokane Area Council
Bob & Shirley Spain (2017) Dancer at Large
Sou'Wester Council
Committee Members
Aileen & Kappie Kappenman (2020)
Dancer at Large
Central Puget Sound Council
Ella Simmons (2019) XP
Mount Baker Council
Don & Cheryl Pruitt (2018) XP
Peninsula Council
Roger & Beth Barnes (2017) XP
Spokane Area Council

Heritage Center Donation Forms

Memorial Donation Form
Use this form for a donation in memory of a former dancer.

Please complete the form to the best of your knowledge and attach a short story of their life' participation in dance activities and other information. If available, please include the newspaper obituary and/or a picture, if available. Information of where to send the form and make out the check is on the form.

Acknowledgement will be sent to the Honoree's Family, assuming information is provided on the form.

The name of the person honored will be placed on a brass plate and added to the Memorial Board in the Heritage Center.

Financial Contribution Form Use this form if you want to donate money directly to
the Heritage Center in your name or the name of a person you wish to honor.
Please complete this form and attach a recommended donation of $25. Information of where to send the form and make out the check is on the form.

Acknowledgement will be sent to the Contributor and/or the person you wish to honor.
The name of the person honored will be engraved on a plaque and posted in the Heritage Center.

Object Donation Form Use this form if you wish to donate an item to the Heritage Center
Please contact the Heritage Center Secretary as listed on the State Website before bringing the item(s) to the Heritage Center at above address.
You may also mail the item to: SFDFW Heritage Center - 816 W Francis Ave #343, Spokane WA 99205

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