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Leadership Seminar

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It's Fun for All!
~ A listing of Square, Round, Clogging & Contra, Dance Classes around the State of Washington ~

Modern Square Dancing is one of today's fastest growing forms of social dancing.
Do you enjoy all types of music, like people, and want to increase your circle of friends?
Are you looking for an easy form of healthy and fun exercise where you work up
a smile instead of a sweat? Then Square Dancing, Round Dancing,
Contra Dancing, or Clogging is for you.

The following information is to assist you in locating a group in your area for
Classes starting in 2016/2017
Pick an afternoon or evening that is suited to you!

Sunday - Monday - Tuesday - Wednesday - Thursday - Friday - Saturday

You may join one or more of these groups up to one to three weeks after the starting date.
Contact the group in your area for specific details. Dress is casual.

Everyone is Welcome!


Adult (A), Couples (C), Singles (S), Single with partner (SP), Teens (T), Pre-teens (PT), and Families (F)

Square Dance Levels: New Dancer (ND), Basic (B), Mainstream (MS), Plus (P), Advanced (A1, A2),
Challenge (C1, C2);

Round Dance Levels: (R I, II, III, IV); Clogging (CL); Contra (CO)

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